You give us your runs and we’ll work to ensure a

full and prompt payout from insurance.

Take a look at what Omni offers with their service.

Why Omni for your EMS Billing?

Omni EMS Billing offers a full range of billing services: electronic management of all billing records, educational webinars and customized reporting.  Omni partners with all types of EMS organizations and communities across the country to meet their specific billing and compliance needs.

Emergency Billing Services

Omni offers high-tech EMS billing services and educational products with a personal touch.  Omni EMS Billing is always able to communicate with you, your staff and your patients in an effective, professional and considerate manner.    

About Omni EMS Billing

Our mission every day is to maximize our clients’ time and revenue through the use of the latest technology, continued education and the finest customer service available.

The OMNI Difference

With Omni you get a company who has the experience and technology necessary to maximize the revenue of your hard work.  Omni EMS Billing is a company who truly cares about our clients and the work we perform on their behalf.