Having good patient demographics in patient care reports is the core to being able to bill claims accurately and efficiently. Watch the video to learn about the 5 most important patient demographics you need to provide in PCRs.

Note: In 2018, Medicare will no longer use social security numbers on Medicare cards and will be issuing brand new identifier numbers. Be prepared to switch out from using the old numbers to the new ones in your systems.

The more information you can get upfront, the quicker the claims can be billed out, and the faster the revenue from these claims can be collected.

Accurate and complete mailing addresses (including apartment numbers) are important not just for verifying insurance eligibility, but also ensuring that patient statements are not returned as undeliverable.

Be aware that a nursing facility may not necessarily be the patient’s permanent mailing address. The most accurate way to find out is to talk to the patient.


Grant Helferich is employed as the Director of Client Performance and Training with Omni EMS Billing in Wichita, Kansas. He is a former member of the KEMSA Board and has also served as the treasurer and president of the KEMSA Administrator’s Society. He was certified as an EMT, EMT-I, M.I.C.T. , and T.O. II. Grant has worked EMS for over 35 years in roles such as an EMT, EMT-I, M.I.C.T., Field Supervisor, Flight Paramedic, Cardiovascular Specialist, Assistant Director, and Director of EMS.