Did you know? In limited circumstances, Medicare allows services to bill a transport as an ALS transport even though ALS services were not provided, as long as proper documentation is included in the PCR, including:

  • Dispatch protocols
  • Reason for dispatch
  • an ALS assessment

Watch the video to learn more about billing a transport as an ALS transport under these circumstances.

*If video quality is low, you can improve it by clicking on the gear icon at the lower right side of the YouTube screen and choosing a higher quality*


Grant Helferich is employed as the Director of Client Performance and Training with Omni EMS Billing in Wichita, Kansas. He is a former member of the KEMSA Board and has also served as the treasurer and president of the KEMSA Administrator’s Society. He was certified as an EMT, EMT-I, M.I.C.T. , and T.O. II. Grant has worked EMS for over 35 years in roles such as an EMT, EMT-I, M.I.C.T., Field Supervisor, Flight Paramedic, Cardiovascular Specialist, Assistant Director, and Director of EMS.