EMS Billing Services

By combining high-tech billing services with a personal touch, Omni is always able to communicate with you, your staff and your patients in a professional and considerate manner. By dedicating service representatives to your business, Omni will know your account and will be able to provide prompt and helpful solutions when questions or challenges arise. Your patients will appreciate Omni’s clear and concise statements and billing practices. You will appreciate the extra revenue these proven processes produce.

Quick and Secure Billing Services

Claims are filed daily, electronically, and most important of all, accurately. Our secure data management ensures your records are kept safe but still available whenever you might need them.

Our internal controls ensures that each claim is clean and immediately being adjudicated. These steps help your revenue stream remain consistent.

Remote Access

Omni’s web-based system offers you secure access to your accounts at any time through the Internet. Your data is always secure and is backed up nightly off-site.

Customized Monthly and Quarterly Reports

In addition to your standard monthly reports, Omni will customize a report for your convenience that summarizes on one-page financial activity for the past month and past year.

Continuing Education

Training is available for individuals or groups to keep you updated on the latest changes in the medical industry and how those changes affect your business and revenue.

Enhanced Follow-Up

Omni diligently tackles both insurance and patient-pay follow-up and gets results you would not get without this extra effort. This also allows Omni to keep your claims resolved and your money flowing on a consistent basis.

Toll-Free Customer Service

To retain the ‘feel’ of your community or offices, patients are directed to ‘your’ billing department here at Omni. Your patients receive prompt, professional and friendly service. It’s our job to continue the good will you have worked so hard to create in your community.

Custom Services

Customized envelopes, statements and insurance claim forms are just a few of the areas where Omni can provide customized products or services; another way of building a positive relationship with your customer.

Omni Service Guarantee

At Omni, you can always expect:

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • No Start-Up Fees
  • No Risk: Omni only gets paid a percentage of what you collect
  • Knowledgeable People Who Care