Frequently Asked Questions

Are we ICD-10 ready?

Absolutely.  We have completed our conversion to the 5010 and have equipped our staff with the tools needed to meet and anticipate ICD-10 challenges.  We currently provide consulting services for your ICD-10 transition, so give us a call at 1-866-248-1189.

How do you determine your fees?

Our fees are based on a percentage of what is collected.  For smaller services, 500 or less transports per year, there is a flat fee and a percentage of what is collected.  The client is billed whatever is greater.

How do we send our runs to you?

We can receive them via our secure, encrypted website or pull them from your EPCR software, eg: ImageTrend.  Runs can also be faxed or mailed, but the most efficient methods are either through your software or through our encrypted, HIPAA compliant website.

Will I have to change my address and provider numbers?

No.  Nothing changes as far as your pay to address and provider numbers.

How will I know all of my runs are being billed?

You will have access to our billing program as well as our clearinghouse.  We will also provide you with monthly reports showing all billing and payment activity.

Will I be able to have access to my remits/EOB's?

Yes.  Omni will receive as many EOB’s/remits as possible through our clearinghouse.  Since you will have access, you will be able to see all of the remits that have been processed.

What type of reports are available?

We have productivity reports, insurance and patient aging, insurance productivity and ranking reports.  Our software offers over 150 standard reports so Omni should be able to provide you with just about any report you may need.

Will you educate us on Medicare rules and assist with our documentation?

Yes.  Omni provides on site, as well as, webinars covering all aspects of proper documentation.  These are based on Medicare guidelines/requirements.

Do you handle credentialing paperwork?

Yes.  Omni will complete any credentialing paperwork for our clients.

How do you handle insurance and Medicare denials?

We have a follow up department that works all insurance and Medicare denials.  Medical necessity denials are appealed if the run substantiates the need for an ambulance.

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